There are a lot of conscious events being presented, making it hard to choose where to go. Here we present a selection of events by organisations that offer amazing events in the field of consciousness. These are mainly events for +20 attendees and host something regularly.

We hope you find your way through our site and to your event easily. We wish to support the conscious scene this way and help it grow. There are many amazing events here and we believe it can reach a much wider audience.

If you have questions or would like to be included on our website, please contact info@consciousevents.nl

About Conscious Clubbing

We wish to show you a new way of having fun.

At many places it involves drinking alcohol, very loud music and even being intoxicated. Conscious Events and Conscious Clubbing is on a rise and we wish to present all the best options available in The Netherlands, so you won’t miss out on the fun that so many people are having all over the world.

We do understand there might be some obstacles that you need to be overcome. Have you danced bare feet at a club before? Can you do without alcohol and not having to dance with a beverage in your hand?
Come and try it out, perhaps there won’t be a big yes straight away, it will take some time to get used to, but once you see and feel how it can enrich you, a new world awaits you!

Here people really get into a deep celebration with so much dedication for dance! It’s not about finding a partner for that evening or get wasted to forget, but simply about dance, interact and have fun. There is real connection happening between people, with clear minds, you can have an inspiring and touching conversation with a stranger. Have fun interactions while keeping a clear sense of your own boundaries. All it takes is a clear gesture and you will be respected.

And in the morning…
You still feel fresh, your hearing is pristine and with enough sleep, you are ready to go outside and make the best out of your day. Where is the next Conscious-event?