Dear you, 

After 17 years the Mirror Centre will close her doors……..

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“If one doesn't tear down the old,

one can't build anything new ”

Bert Huiberts - Gelul in de ruimte (2004)

Our dad started the Mirror Centre in 2004 with the vision to create a place where people could meet and connect with each other to support spiritual growth. A challenging concept in the early 2000s when personal development, yoga, meditation and vegan food were not yet “hip”.

Seven years ago, the next generation took over the center and what a special journey it has been! As three sisters, we grew up in the center and we share many memories of our time there. During our teenage years we often found the activities ‘strange’ and we did not realize yet what an influence the environment would have on us. The past seven years have been challenging, intense and joyful and mark a special time in our lives. The Mirror Center has transformed us.

The mirror as a metaphor and tool; confrontational and beautiful. ✨ A place where people could sing, laugh, cry, dance, share, and hold up a mirror to themselves and others.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude if we look back on the wonderful events and activities that we have created together with more then 1000s of organizations. All to discover and reconnect again with the core of who we are: Pure Love! ❤️ A place to feel supported while taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

There is a deep feeling of gratitude, connection and love with each one of you and it is time for us now to take some rest. We will  surrender to the flow and magic of life! Thanks to you, for being part of the Mirror Family.

We would love it if everyone would share their memory of the Mirror Center in the comments below and we hope to see all of you soon! Lets stay connected 

Best regards,

Simone – Tamara & Marcia Huiberts