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#1 Spring Edition 2020

Zie onze nieuwste editie van Conscious Magazine die gedistribueerd wordt door heel Amsterdam, met nieuws, events, dans en leuke verhalen.

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The Seven Breaths Austria workshop will happen in-person and online! Join us 13 and 14 June at Yoga Shala! Spiritual Science Society's photo. 💙🐍🕉
* * MASTER TEACHER JEFFREY BOEHME IS RETURNING TO AUSTRIA! * * Learn the Life-Changing Spiritual Science of Babaji's Tantric Kriya Jyoti - Kriya Jyoti Tantric Yoga - Claim Your Spiritual Sovereignty. Be Your Own Guru. Learn ancient transformational yogic practices. Attain authentic yogic states of awareness. No experience necessary. For beginner and advanced practitioners. In this workshop, you will: *Learn Principles and Practices of the Jyoti Lineage of Babaji's Kriya JyotiTantric Yoga *Claim Your Authentic Personal Empowerment *Learn How You Are Sovereign Over Your Healing and Spiritual Growth *Heal and Grow on Direct Energetic Levels - From the Inside Out *Address the Source of Your Challenges Rather Than the Symptoms *Open and Activate Your Energy Circuits (Nadis) *Learn Powerful Emotional Healing Practices *Understand the Function of Your Chakras *Clear, Activate, Open and Balance Your Chakras *Discover, Embody and Manifest Your True Essence *Clear the Energetic Blocks that Impede Your Progress *Remove Negative Influences from Your Life *Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies *Understand the Connection Between Your Sexuality and Spirituality ​*Learn to Use Sexual Energy to Fuel Emotional Healing and Spiritual Growth *Develop Your Capacity to Safely Circulate Increasing Amounts of Energy *Safely Increase the Dynamic Flow of Kundalini Energy Achieve Spiritual Growth Through Genuine Spiritual Experience ​Prepare for Kriya Initiation (Kriya Initiation is an energetic transmission that connects aspirants directly to Mahavatar Babaji, affording the initiate the guidance and protection of the Kriya Lineage. Initiation does not require worship, oaths of allegiance or sacrifice.) To register: For more info, contact Manuel Scherzer at: or or
Spiritual Science Society
Meer zelfliefde, meer voelen en minder in je hoofd zitten. Ik zit te veel in mijn hoofd - dit weet je. Ook weet je dat je te kritisch bent op jezelf. Dit zijn een van de redenen waarom jouw leven er somberder uitziet dan dat je graag zou willen. Je wilt een andere richting opgaan en bent klaar om de loep op te pakken. Om je te helpen is er nu een support groep waarin je dit samen kan doen. In deze support groep leer je meer (be)grip te krijgen op je gedachten, gevoelens en emoties. Zodat je meer inzicht krijgt in wat jij nodig hebt om een kleurrijker leven te hebben. Herken jij je in hierin? De support groep vind je in de opmerkingen.
Noëmi Vilchez 06 Jun 2020 - 09:55
⭐️ Today 19h CET ⭐️ Join the Dance Alchemy class with Maneesha McClure (USA) at the Conscious Dance Festival. This is a great opportunity to dance with one of the most experienced facilitators world wide and to discover a practice that, although is well known in USA and Asia, and is still new in Europe. 👇 Access link 👇
TOMORROW SATURDAY June 6th at 19h CET ⭐ Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be - danced! Dance Alchemy is a process of inner transformation through dance and meditation. Life is always pouring into you, your energies and feelings have something to teach you. Because you have been trained that the head and thinking is what matters, you ignore the body and condemn feelings as a problem. In Dance Alchemy you learn to listen to the body with love and presence, and let the movements come from what you feel in the body. When you dance what is arising within, there is an alchemical change. Instead of a problem, you may receive a new clarity, more love, strength, trust… In these times of chaos and disturbance, there are naturally many overwhelming anxieties, emotions and reactions. The only thing in your control is what you do with these energies inside yourself. This week in the Conscious Dance Festival you will have a chance to learn the art of changing whatever difficulty is happening for you in this time into a gift. Register on our website
Dhyana Danceleg
🌟Embodiement Tuesdays🌟 🔥All proceeds donated to #Blacklives matter🔥 Join Jordan Hackettt from Liberated and Luna Lovecat every Tuesday for luscious, fun, quirky, serious, experimental embodiment practices. Tuesday mornings: Sydney 7:15am – 8:00am (AEST / UTC+10) Auckland 9:15am - 10:00am (NZST / UTC+12) Monday evenings: Los Angeles 2:15pm – 3:00pm (PDT / UTC-7) New York 5:15pm – 6:00pm (EDT / UTC-4) London 10:15pm – 11pm (BST / UTC+1) Berlin 11:15pm – 12:00 (CEST / UTC+2) Jump in with us! :) 💜
Join Jordan and Luna every Tuesday morning at 7:15am AEST to start the day with a nourishing and organic embodiment practice. As the world continues to change and we emerge from isolation, connecting with our bodies and each other in intentional ways is more important than ever. These practices will leave you feeling more deeply in touch with who you really are, and better able to face the day ahead. You are encouraged to show up just exactly how you are. Tears, frustrations, joy, anger, pleasure, tenderness – everything is welcome in this space! We welcome you to step into these practices authentically, so you can receive their fullest benefit. Nothing is mandatory. You have a choice about everything. Conscious embodiment practice always has an epic impact on our experience of living. Doing them as a community allows us to go deeper, creating the unique quality of connection, mutual support, excitement and inspiration! Jump in with us! :) ♥ Tuesday mornings: Sydney 7:15am – 8:00am (AEST / UTC+10) Auckland 9:15am - 10:00am (NZST / UTC+12) Monday evenings: Los Angeles 2:15pm – 3:00pm (PDT / UTC-7) New York 5:15pm – 6:00pm (EDT / UTC-4) London 10:15pm – 11pm (BST / UTC+1) Berlin 11:15pm – 12:00 (CEST / UTC+2) Please arrive 5 minutes early to settle The room will be locked at 20 minutes past the hour. We will go for around 40mins. Everything will be optional and can be modified to suit where you're at. Please be in a non-distracted environment and have tech setup so you can move around near or in front of the camera. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- JOIN US THROUGH ZOOM No password required. $ PAY AS YOU FEEL $ We want this space to be accessible to a broad range of people. Placing a $ value on your experience of this space can support you to show up more deeply for yourself and the group. We welcome any contributions from $5 or $10 to $20 or $30, feel into what it's worth to you and what you can afford. <3 PAYPAL BANK TRANSFER Name: Jordan Hackett BSB: 082 926 ACC: 406 283 768 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About Your Facilitators <3 Luna Lovecat is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, Embodiment Coach, ISTA graduate, and a graduate of Urban Tantra Professional Training. Luna is passionate about guiding people on a journey to become the authority of their own body and pleasure. Creating a safe space to experience profound healing and awakening is her gift. Jordan is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker and secretary to the board of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia. Jordan is passionate about the liberation of your authentic essence. He guides you into deeper connection with your body and sexuality assisting you to let go of shame, conditioning and unhelpful patterns and open to more pleasure, purpose and choice in life. He leads with an open heart & facilitates with knowledge, integrity, & wisdom. “I throw myself shamelessly into the extreme challenges and pleasures of life to draw out deeply personal and profound learnings and offer them to my clients and community.”
Luna Lovecat
Hello, I share with you my passion for massage Wednesday 3rd of June: Abhyanga massage (legs) []( Sunday 7th of June: Foot massage []( Join the group to watch free live video 📷 [](
Hello!�Every Wednesday and Sunday I’ll do some live video to share my passion, discover and learn different technics of massages: WEDNESDAY 3rd OF JUNE : ABHYANGA MASSAGE (LEGS) France: from 9.30 am to 10.30 am (UTC+2) Thailand: from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm England: from 8.30 am to 9.30 am Argentina: from 4.30 am to 5.30 am Peru: from 2.30 to 3.30 am or replay Los Angeles: from midnight to 1.30 am or replay Try to grab someone to be your massage partner or some pillow. 😜 It’s a massage with oil Put something confortable for you and a swimming suit for your partner. Mattress on the floor or yoga mat or massage table. Join the english group: Pour rejoindre le groupe français:
Jade Besset
Jade Besset New online videos! Wednesday 10th of June: Foot massage part Sunday 14th of June: Abhyanga massage (back) 05 Jun 2020 - 17:45
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VANAVOND DOEN WE HET OP Z'N FRANS Dj Frans Iradi staat vanavond weer geheel tot je beschikking en zal zijn zwoele deuntjes, lekkere beats en stevige bassen met je gaan delen. De woonkamer word ineens een danspaleisje en misschien trek je hem vandaag wel door de tuin in! Zorg dan wel even dat de buren ook mee willen dansen! Vanavond live NATARAJ IN JE HUISKAMER. Primetime @ 8
Nataraj - magic on the dance floor
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