Drukwerk specificaties

File size: 15.0 cm x 15.0 cm

Closed final size: 14.8 cm x 14.8 cm

Color: CMYK or RGB

Paper: 135 gr matt

Resolution: at least 300 dpi

Color profile: ISO Coated v2 300%

Finishing: with staples

Crop marks and crop marks: Deliver without these marks

Bleed: 1mm

Distance from the edge: Keep at least 3 mm from the edge.

Advertisement formats

1/4 advertisement: supply 74x74 mm, final size 71x71 mm

1/2 advertisement: supply 150x74 mm, final size 144x71 mm

1/1 advertisement: supply 150x150 mm, final size 144x144 mm

2/1 advertisement: supply 298x150 mm final size 292x144 mm

For 2/1 advertisement: Pay attention to the so-called stair effect of the book, 8mm from the fold line is desirable.


If full page advertisement 1/1 is selected

Left or Right page: It is then possible to supply 2 versions; 1 for left page with 8mm extra distance from the fold line on the right, other for right page with 8mm extra distance from the fold line on the left. Not necessary when formatting is done by us, it will be adjusted by us.

red: delivery format green: safe text area

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QR code gebruik (1/1 en 2/1 advertentie)

Het is mogeijk om QR code te verwerken in de advertentie wanneer je hebt gekozen voor een volledige of dubbele pagina advertentie.

Voor het beste resultaat ga naar the-qrcode-generator.com
1. Kies URL tab
2. Verklein URL indien lange URL (optioneel)
3. Export als EPS via SAVE knop
4. 150x150 pixels formaat gebruiken in opmaak

Voorbeeld bestanden Indesign

1/4 Advertisement
1/2 Advertisement
1/1 Advertisement
2/1 Advertisement

It is possible to provide a custom layout in relation to the folding line for each placement.